Dirty Jobs: King (Easter 2022)

Good Friday 2022

Dirty Jobs: Moneychangers

Guest Speaker: Donnie Pennington - April 3, 2022

Apprehended by Christ: Faithful in Chains

Apprehended by Christ: Appeal in Chains

Apprehended by Christ: Freedom in Chains

Night of Worship - March 11, 2022

Apprehended by Christ: Peace in Chains

Apprehended by Christ: Victorious in Chains

Apprehended by Christ: Reconciled in Chains

Special Guest: Dr. Mark Rutland - A Celebration of Love and Danger

House of: House of the Sun

House Of: House of Hunting

Filled Conference 2022, January 30th: Javon Ruff

House Of: House of Tranquility

Filled Conference 2022, January 23rd: Joey Grizzle

House Of: House of Bread

Filled Conference 2022, January 9th: Jason Bentley

House Of: House of Mercy

House Of: House of God

Filled Conference 2022, January 2nd: Dr. Mark Rutland

Special Guest: Dr. Frederick Shumba - December 26, 2021

Christmas Season 2021: Christmas Eve