David The Great

Battlefront: Jehoshaphat

Battlefront: Abram

Battlefront: Gideon

Battlefront: David And Goliath

Extras: Soldiers

Good Friday

Extras: Three Men

Extras: A Daughter And A Son

Extras: Demoniac

Extras: Woman With The Issue Of Blood

Extras: The Rich Young Ruler

I Am: The Vine

I Am: The Way, The Truth, And The Life

I Am: The Resurrection And The Life

I Am: The Good Shepherd

I Am: The Door

I Am: The Light of the World

I Am: The Bread Of Life

Ask, Seek, Knock

The Three Gifts: Myrrh

The Three Gifts: Frankencense

The Three Gifts: Gold

Taken: Rebuilding After Captivity